Q: How many stickers come in a package?  

A: 30!


Q:  Is the packaging resealable?

A:  Yes, the packaging is resealable and "smell-proof."


Q:  Where are these things made?

A:  They are made in the USA with imported essential oils


Q:  What types of essential oils do you use?

A:  We hand-picked 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils, which are encapsulated to make our scented stickers.  


Q:  How long does the scent last?

A:  Everybody has a different nose.  We have had folks say it lasted as little as 10 minutes up to 3 or 4 hours.  Average is about one hour.  If it is too weak, feel free to add another sticker inside your mask!


Q:  How strong is the scent?

A:  We designed Whifflys to be a subtle yet crisp scent, so it is not overwhelming to the senses.  As we said above, however, everybody is going to have a different experience.


Q:  Do you have other scents?

A:  We are working on that!  Do you gave a scent you would like us to carry?  Email us at info@whifflys.com!